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Covid Response

We are focused on providing high quality private sauna sessions at your home. 
What we are doing:
1. Cleanliness: We have always had a strict cleaning protocol in the sauna. The sauna is cleaned and sanitized after each private booking and we use Government of Canada approved cleaning agents.
2. Bookings: All bookings are private and each customer is advised to keep the sauna use within their household. 
3. Sauna drop off and pick up is contactless.
4. Cancellations: Our cancellation policy can be relaxed in order to accommodate anyone not feeling well, and we would not want anyone to put themselves or others at risk over a rental fee. If your not feeling well give us a call and we can work something out.


If you feel now is not the time for a private sauna booking and wish to wait it out, please do. The sauna is meant to be a relaxing experience away from the anxieties of life. We want to keep this space like that for you. If now is not the time we will welcome you back with big smiles when you feel ready again to sauna. 

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