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Price: $7,850. Deposit $500 for pre-order.


Discover The Wolseley, your personal gateway to luxury in a compact package. This electriconly sauna is ingeniously designed to fit seamlessly into almost any space, thanks to its modest dimensions of 6 x 4 feet, making it a perfect fit for two. The Wolseley's small size isn't just about space efficiency; it also allows it to heat up incredibly quickly, ensuring you don't have to wait long for your relaxing retreat. The Wolseley is the ultimate in compact, fast-heating, luxurious sauna experiences for your home.


Specifications: 6' (diameter) by 4' (length).


Included features: 1 3/8” white cedar construction, Tempered glass door with cedar handles, Tempered front windows, 20kg bag of volcanic rocks, Cedar cradles, Pre-drilled drain holes. Marine grade aluminum strapping, HARVIA 6kW 40A electric heater, Red cedar vent, Red cedar benches, Cedar floor inserts, Cedar sauna bucket and ladle, Cedar sauna headrest, LED outdoor solar lights, thermometer/hydrometer combo, and cedar robe hanger. Five year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wolseley Sauna $7850

Excluding Sales Tax
Available for Fall Order. Delivery & Installation in September/October 2024.
  • *Purchase price of $7,850 includes delivery to Winnipeg and assembly. Additional cost of $2/km for delivery outside Winnipeg. Price does not include applicable taxes (GST & PST). Images may depict additional upgrades and accessories. Final product may vary from what is shown.


    *Site Preparation: The customer is responsible for providing a level site for installation.


    *Other Trades: Coordination with any other trades (e.g., electricians for the electric stove option) is the responsibility of the customer.


    *Estimated Installation timing: Installation is estimated to occur September-October.


    *Deposit: A $500 deposit is required at the time of acceptance to secure your order.


    *Balance Payment: The remaining balance must be paid by cheque, e-transfer or cash and is due 30 days prior to installation. Additional 3% charge for credit card processing of balance payment.

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