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Our collection of hand-built, wood or electric powered cedar saunas.

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Why choose a Backyard Barrel?

The Backyard Barrel is proud to be an official distributor of Casa de Sauna barrel saunas. Each sauna is hand-built from 100% Canadian cedar wood and backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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More than just a Barrel

Ask us about our premium sauna upgrades, including change room options and the beautiful panoramic half moon window.

Standard Features

Quality Craftsmanship
Professional Installation

All of our saunas are built to the highest quality standards. Our expert team will assemble your sauna onsite, to your specifications.

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Your Dream Back Yard

Tired of long lines at the spa? With a Backyard Barrel, you can turn any yard into a private oasis!

Deluxe 12' barrel sauna with panoramic window and roof covering shown in video.


Standard Features

Models and Sizes

Our saunas come in four standard sizes, with custom lengths available upon request. Scroll down to learn more.




7' (diameter) by 6' (length)

The Standard is perfectly sized for the family. With a 7 foot diameter, this sauna is tall enough to stand up in and roomy enough for 4 adults. Two medium glass windows will keep the inside bright and cheery. Consider adding the all-weather roof covering to make your barrel water tight. Electric model shown in photo.




7' (diameter) by 8' (length)

With an 8 foot length, this sauna is long enough to lay down in (even if you're tall). Great for 6 adults. Shown here with optional panoramic window and roof covering.

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7' (diameter) by 10' (length)

With change room

Our most popular sauna. The Premium includes a change room, separated from the hot room by another glass door. This feature is vital in the extreme cold, keeping your towels warm and preventing too much heat from escaping every time the door is opened! Well worth the upgrade.




7' (diameter) by 12' (length)

With change room & Panoramic window

Features a larger change room and an incredible panoramic rear window. After experiencing the majesty of the giant, tinted panoramic window, you simply can’t go back! Those extra few feet also make a huge difference on the inside, giving you both a bigger change room and hot room. Simply put: the best sauna experience.

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Make it Electric

All of our saunas come standard equipped with a wood stove. However, it is easy to upgrade to an electric heater. Larger saunas use a HARVIA 8kW 40A electric heater, smaller ones a 6kW variant.

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Ready to begin your journey?

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2022 Sauna Catalogue (PDF)

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Try before you buy!

Not sure if a barrel sauna is right for you? Why don’t you rent one for a weekend first? We do all the work for you, including delivery and setup. Click here to make your reservation. 100% of your weekend sauna rental can be put towards the purchase of a new barrel sauna.